Tuesday, 29 January 2013

We must not only assist at Mass, we must LIVE the Mass...by Fr. Hardon.

There is no substitute for personally assisting at Mass as often as possible.

I cannot exaggerate the importance of this practice. Inevitably as a society weakens in its hold on the Catholic faith even the daily offering of the Mass drops off and priests may go for days without offering the Holy Sacrifice. This places an intolerable burden on the faithful.

Whatever you can do to encourage priests to offer daily Mass will be blessed by Our Lord. One way to insure this is for you to attend Mass during the week, at no matter what inconvenience to your daily schedule.

In the early Church during the major persecutions, the faithful went to Mass and Holy Communion daily. So convinced were they that the Holy Sacrifice would enable them to expiate the pagans hatred of Christianity. They were right. The pagans were converted in such multitudes that by the year 100 A. D. there were over 100 Catholic diocese established around the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Living the Mass

Assisting at Mass is not enough. We must also live the Mass if we wish to make effective reparation for the deadly crime of abortion in the modern world.

What does it mean to live the Mass? To live the mass means to join our sacrifices with those of Jesus Christ, our sufferings with His; our rejection by the world with His rejection, our sorrows with His.

Christ being now glorified can no longer suffer in His own physical person. But suffer He can, in the mystical person of His Church.

The Mass is both Christ’s sacrifice and ours. He has already made His sacrifice ours by our patience endurance of the Cross.

The more patient our endurance, the more resigned to the will of God; the more ready we are to die in obedience to God’s will in our lives, the more will the Masses we attend be effective means of repairing the awful consequences of abortion.

It was the great apostle of the Eucharist, Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, who wrote that the world would long ago have been destroyed for its sins except for the thousands of Masses offered each day throughout the Catholic Church.

I make bold to say that as Masses are offered in reparation for the murder of our unborn human race, God’s mercy will melt the hearts of stone that are responsible for this mass genocide.

But remember our duty. We are indeed to assist at the Mass, if possible every day. We are to have priests offer Masses in expiation for abortion. But we must live the Mass ourselves.

We must live the Mass, Which means we must live lives of self-sacrifice.

We must live the Mass there is no option. It is a divine obligation if we hope to expiate the Satanic crimes of almost a hundred million infant homicides throughout the world each year.

We must live the Mass, which means die to our selfishness and pride and greed.

God must have a profound reason for allowing us to live in the most homicidal country in human history. It can only be because He wants to make the twenty-first century the most glorious in the annals of humanity.

Where sin has so abounded grace will ever more abound. But we must do our part by living the Cross that our Loving Savior asks us to carry.

With Him
Like Him
For Him…here on earth, as a prelude to that Eternal Life for which we were made. AMEN.
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